Linguist in the…news?

I listened to Saturday’s broadcast of _Wait, Wait_ on the trip to work today, and did a double take (aurally) when I heard that guest Secretary of Energy Steven Chu was playing for “Susan Goldin-Meadow of Chicago, Illinois.” Of course, Prof. Goldin-Meadow’s work on Gesture was the topic of a _Wait, Wait_ limerick back in 2001 ([here](

I suppose it could have been another person with the same-sounding name. But then, maybe she’s a language researcher as well.

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  1. Paul Hagstrom on February 8th, 2010

    Indeed — I heard that too. Seems unlikely that it was someone else, I think. But sadly Steven Chu did not win for her, so there’s no Carl Kasell voicemail message to serve as evidence.

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