Remember the time when the beef was contaminated?

[Recent English Xinhua article headline](

> Oklahoma firm recalls beef products might be contaminated

I knew we forgot something!


Wow. [Garkov]( has to be the funniest example I’ve seen in the domain of replacing the content of speech bubbles in comics. And in this case it has the added virtue of being funnier than what used to be there. In almost every case.

Coherent spam

The combination of the subject line and first few main text lines of a bit of spam I got this morning was, in fact, slightly coherent.

> Subject: Or coherent
> Body: increasingly so the longer I m here and the more time I spend at
> C A 9N A D/8AN P 0 4H A RM A 5CY

I prefer a colon after _coherent_ and a comma after _increasingly so_

Rights back on the table

In the news today is China’s return to the discussion table with the US on human rights. Unless you read [the Washington Post headline]( Ah, what a difference a little word makes.

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Facing linguistics

Today I came across a group on [Facebook]( called _You’re a Linguist? How many languages do you speak?_ Funny, yes, though I suppose there’s a tradition to have long, multi-utterance Facebook group names. But what had be chuckling for a while was the description of the group:

> Being a linguist is not about speaking lots of languages!! It’s about coming up with theories based on data that you read about in someone else’s paper and that probably don’t account for any variation or possibly anything at all…or something…


Staying alive

In case you haven’t seen it, the LA Times has an article, [A final say? They hope not](,0,5877660,full.story?coll=la-home-center), that describes the efforts to describe and revitalize Washo, a severely endangered California Indian language. A nice story (and very cool for Alan to have his picture in the [online version of the] paper).

A side-note: check out the photo of Alan facing Ramona. On the shelf in the background there’s a crank-style pencil sharpener. Anyone else think there might have been a better place to install it?